The work is in The Wobble

I was on a roll (for me) with about a twice a week pace but I haven’t posted in a while.   I have been a little frozen lately.  Crazy to be frozen in 105 degree East Coast heat but I have let my life get out of balance.  Though one of my favorite Yoga instructors says when searching for balance hovering like a beacon in an inky dark night “The Work is in the Wobble” – I don’t believe her.  My Wobble begets more Wobble.

My 3 offspring, have each been involved their respective bat-swinging All Star tournaments.  I know I am not taking anyone to rehab or chemo, for goodness sake (thank you, Lord!) but my time is so overspoken for I am wobbling baby and not the good kind.  Their schedule is nuts – crazy/intense coaches – and mine isn’t much better.  I did not play softball.  I thought mostly it was a hot dirty, dust bowl and caused cussing.  Since my children show promise and love to saddle up to play, I have learned to like it – Disclaimer:  I could watch my children write on the pavement with sidewalk chalk and be happy.

Regarding the dense calendar:  The problem is I LOVE all that I am involved with (except overtime on the hot ball field) My family/Yoga/writing/running/cycling/working/exploring new creative ideas.  My best days start early and end early with no downtime.  I have been (well) a little depressed lately so I sleep longer and don’t blog or write except for work.  Horrors!!

Typically, I look to vacation in the summer to get me through the very busy lives we lead here in Virginia.  This year, however, we find it necessary to pare down the approach and I am not happy.  I fear I may appear spoiled (WAAAHH!! I can’t rent a beach house for a week)  but for me without the vacation ‘reward’ lurking I am distressed over the current pace being what’s here to stay.

I am a firm believer in the notion:  Change your mind.  Change your life.  So I am working on it.  It’s a daggone work in progress this changing of the mind but it works.

Here’s a new spin:  Teach the Wobble.  Change your life.

Along with Yoga, I teach a class called “Cardio Dance” from time to time.   My inner J-lo rears her head and I become someone else.  Last week, I taught The Wobble – a soul line dance for loose hips and attitude galore.  For an hour, I was fly.  On top of my game.  Happy in the moment.  If I could grind up my gyrating hips and grunts and add it to my coffee each morning, my days would be hot, not frozen.

So, dear Yoga teacher, the work is not in the Wobble.  The cure for the doldrums is in The Wobble.  I taught it again today to my posse and guess what, I am blogging.  It works.  True dat.

Thanks, Wobble (and Lebron James, Dewayne Dwade, and Chris Brown) .

Lebron James, Dwayne Dwade, Chris Brown Wobble
Do you Wobble?

One thought on “The work is in The Wobble

  1. I read this the other day and came back to it this morning, in the midst of a very wobbly week. Thank you for reminding me what I already knew to be true. Write more, Clair! I love reading your insight and perspective.

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