Yoga Christmas

My Yoga stars are in aligned. As fate would have it, I was on the schedule to teach today the SUMMER SOLSTICE .  It’s was bit like being picked out of a hat to play Mary, the Virgin Mother of God during the Christmas pageant.  Not that it’s ever happened to me.

Source: Urbandharma

Look at her lovely delicate hands in Anjali Mudra

I had wanted to gather a group for 108 sun salutations – the traditional yoga sequence on this special day – either at our local YMCA, my patio, anywhere I might have takers.  I  have never done 108 sun salutations in a stretch (pun intended) – I think my current record is 23 suryanamaskara B’s.  I hear there is a true moving meditation that can result in mind/body separation and reunion about number 36.  I have run a marathon on no sleep (even though I tried pharmacologically) while recovering from bronchial  pneumonia but I have been apprehensive about trying 108 sun salutations.  I am typically winded by  number 10.  Many studios across the country today offered wonderful opportunities to celebrate the summer solstice with live drumming, chanting and many, many sun salutes.

Like today in Central Park (courtesy, MSNBC):


Today, I offered this:

  • 15 Sun Salutations (B) – (Level I class)
  • Side Plank
  • Prasarita Padatonnasana A,C
  • Tuladandasana
  • Paschimotonasana with and without the strap
  • Core work
  • Supported Setu Bandha
  • Corpse Pose

And for a party favor, this on their mats as they pressed their way to Sukasana with eyes closed to seal the practice.

Source: Bonappetit

Merry Yoga Christmas!

We did inhale but we did nothing illegal.  There was no lighting up or massive eating binges, not that it’s ever happened to me.  Just simple Thai basil.  It was a fun practice.

For me this was a great way to celebrate Abundance in Creation.  The sun has enough love to light up the whole  universe and ask for nothing in return.  I think he/she deserves at least 108 salutes.

How did you Usher in the summer?

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