It’s like eating yoga

Quite possibly the best headline ever.  I wish I could take credit for it.  I found it in a post about a new healthy drink that looks like this:

Richmond’s coolest locally owned natural/organic food market, Ellwood Thompson’s hosted an event to learn about this delicious treat made from natural fresh ingredients.  I didn’t go but I love the concept from every angle.

When I see a salad made from fresh (farmer’s market fresh) ingredients I behold its true beauty and take it in as art.  Food can be lovely and evoke such amazing gratitude  for our world and its abundance.  Like this does:

Source: YogaDestin
 I have analyzed this spot-on headline to the ‘nth’ degree as I do so many things (big, big neurosis).  The image of eating yoga conjures up much.  I see a nourishing, life-giving bright light radiating inside me.  Oh, wait.  Yoga is food.  Food for the soul.  If I could eat it for real, my soul and palate would be in heaven.  I didn’t try the LOOP but I’m on a search to find the food/beverage item that would make me feel like I am eating yoga.  It might be something like this:

Source: The Healthy Wife
Or this:

Pinot Grigio at Sunset
If you ate yoga what would it be?

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