Apparently, the world is not my oyster.

I wish.
I got up at 4:45 this morning for sunrise Ashtanga – Mysore series.  I was turned away – from Yoga!  Christ have mercy, it’s just not right.  Here’s how it went down at the reception desk at the studio:

That’s not me or the bouncer, but you get the drift.

Me:  (All excited and proud of myself for making it into the city at that hour of the morning.) Hi, umm – I have only done Mysore a few times but I  have my little binder here with my notes on the sequence – can I go in and get started?

The Bouncer:  Ummm. Do you know what this is?

Me:  (Starting to get incredulous)  Well, yes – I am a certified Yoga Instructor and have been practicing for a number of years.  I’m trying to introduce Ashtanga into my practice and I’m really excited about it.  I took Mysore a couple of months ago.

The Bouncer:  Well, I can’t let you take this class unless you are practicing twice a week at THIS studio.

Note:  Ashtanga is a pretty athletic form of yoga with some advanced postures in the sequence.  Usually an instructor specially trained in Ashtanga will assist a student’s advancement over time.  It can be a very rewarding and bonding experience.

Me:  (Heart cracking)  I teach at least twice a week and practice either on my own or in a studio about the same.  Does that count?

The Bouncer:  No.  I mean, if you want to come just practice on your own in the room that would be okay but I can’t give you any direction or help.

Me:  No thanks.  That doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Bouncer:  Awww.  I feel bad.  You came all the way down here.

Me:  (thinking)  Yeah right.

I swear, I almost cried.  Not only was this experience the farthest thing from Yoga, it is bad business.  I haven’t recovered.  I just learned the world is NOT my oyster.  I have usually been able to talk my way to my intended outcome.  Not this time.  The Bouncer was serious,  all business.  Bad business.

 I left.  Hauled my yoga hiney back home cursing my totally wasted effort at the ungodly hour.

And no, I can’t take “No” for an answer.  Never have.  Christ, am I annoyed.  What would you have done?

2 thoughts on “Rejected!

  1. Ummm, sounds less yogic and more elitest to me. Don’t let them deter you, Clair, keep on and start your own studio. You won’t have to get up at that awful hour either when you don’t have to travel so far. Did you give em the bird as you drove away?

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