Love and Laundry

I was recently at a friend’s house nosing around the book shelves as I often do.  (You might want to be careful, if you ever invite me over.)  I love to read and I think book inventories are fascinating extensions of their owners.  This quickly caught my eye:

Love, Leo Buscaglia

I read this in college, near the end of my senior year in 1990.  I was mesmerized.  Still am.  So much so back then that I chose a passage from it to read during my Voice and Diction class (yes, my last semester was very demanding: Basic Acting, Human Sexuality, Modern Catholicism, Voice and Diction, and African Dance were among my course load – don’t judge me, I saved my electives for last.)  Here’s the passage  (I remember it well as my roommate couldn’t believe I had the nerve to speak this drippy, sappy piece out loud in front of my college crush who was in the class):

Pages 143 – 144.  Loving yourself also involves the knowledge that only you can be you.  If you try to be like anyone else, you may come very close, but you will always be second best.  But, you are the best you.  It is the easiest, most practical, most rewarding thing to be.  Then it makes sense that you can only be to others what you are to yourself. 

If you know, accept and appreciate yourself and your uniqueness, you will permit others to do so.  If you value and appreciate the discovery of yourself, you will encourage others to engage in self-discovery.  If you recognize your need to be free to discover who you are, you will allow others their freedom to do so also.

Whereas I completely ascribe to this notion, let’s not forget the backdrop – 21 years old, crush in the room.  It went on a little more and got even more syrupy sweet.  Our teacher could’ve cared less of we read the phone book it was about how it sounded.  If the passage I chose says something about me as I believe a bookshelf does about you – would you have asked me out?  My college crush never did.  Dang the Love book.

How about if you knew I did this with my laundry?

Airing my clean laundry

I have a very proper, classy friend who thinks this is one of the most redneck things a person can do.  Mind you, I live on 2.5 acres with mostly woods behind me.  Alas, I am just me.  Leo Buscaglia would tell you to just love it and the world would become a better place.  I believe him which is why I still love his Love book.

Today on this perfect Sunday morning after running 7 miles while my daughters slept and my son pitched a baseball game, I felt called to plank or more yogically chaturanga:

Nothing like chaturanga after a run!

Weird though it may be, it’s just me in the moment.  I wish us all this kind of healthy surrender to Love.  It’s okay my college crush didn’t surrender to my affection, then I wouldn’t have these:

3 (of my many) reasons to breathe

It’s really very simple.  Every moment is full of promise and  hope, don’t waste it being anything but who you are without judgement or you might miss it.  Go ahead air all your laundry wherever you want.

And please don’t gag or roll your eyes.

What book are you reading right now?

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