To wax or not to wax…

Because marrymeyoga is a yoga and fitness blog, here is the dose of Yoga.

I am reading this book:

The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice

It was required text during my teacher training.  15 months later I am still very intrigued.  It is an invaluable source of information regarding the theory and practice of toga.  It is a tender telling of the generational inheritances of the lineage-based system for passing along and this thousands of years old tradition.  I am drawn to the subtitle:  Developing a personal practice.  We all know, yoga practice is well-experienced in a group setting but is also a powerful personal tool that is as accessible as a flat surface and your mat.

This book might be The Heart of Yoga but here is the heart of the matter today:


The text conversation:

Her:  Grammy said she would take me to get my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed tomorrow.  Am I allowed?

Me:  Yes to the hair.  Thank Grammy for me.  No to the eyebrows.

Her:  Why?  I don’t see what the big deal is.

Me:  Call me.

Phone conversation (with grandparents nearby who don’t get to see her that often):

Her:  Mom, it’s no big deal.  People at school do it.  Grammy says there are some areas I could clean up and she knows all.

Me:  Sweetie, I think you are so beautiful – such intense eyes and your eyebrows frame them perfectly.  And YOUR ARE 12!

Her:  Wow.  You don’t have to get so upset.  You think that because you are my mother.  I would only do it this one time.

Me:  (weak, peace-maker)  I don’t want to cause an argument and I want you to enjoy your time with your grandparents.  You know how I feel.  You are way too young and it’s silly.  If you did you wouldn’t do it again until you were 18.

Her:  I’m sorry Mommy.  I just want to try something new.

Me: (missing her, she’s been gone for 3 days getting evaluated by a pitching coach)  I love you, honey.  Have a good night.

Quick defense:  I am not a very glamorous person.  Her grandmother spends time on her nails and looks quite put together all the time.  I don’t judge the value placed on eyebrow waxing, it’s just not for me.  SHE’S TWELVE, PEOPLE!

Was I wrong to put up such a stink?  BTW, she did it.  I realize I only have myself to blame for backing off but I feel  invisible in this little drama.

But I do love this little lady:

Kathleen and Me

I think her eyebrows are perfect:

Happy Girl

I think in this little lineage we have going on over here I am passing down asana, prayer, good healthy eating, kindness and being who you are, furry eyebrows and all!  So far it’s only partly taking hold.  I must need to get back to my book.

To wax or not to wax (at 12), THAT is the question.  What would you have done?

9 thoughts on “To wax or not to wax…

  1. Oh, brother. If she had a unibrow I would have said yes. Clearly she doesn’t and I’m old school like you, Clair and would have put up a fight too. I’ve never had mine done and I’m almost forty-freakin’ two. That doesn’t mean they don’t need it, it just means a little tweezing will suffice, especially at twelve. I love the au natural look like you and despise plastic impersonations of beauty. I suppose I’ll have the same argument with my girls in a few years, hopefully without the instigating “Grammy”. I would have called in the husband too.

  2. Hi. Got here from SUAR. Waxing smaxing. You should be so lucky that’s what she asked for. I’d have said yes and thank you for asking. It could have been an eyebrow piercing. Or a tattoo.

    1. i hear you keith. I thought about that. I still say SHE’s 12! Just don’t want my girl to get a warped message around being pretty.

  3. OK, so having no girls I would say no as well. Yes, I have gotten mine done a time or two but also do quite well with tweezers thank you very much and you are right, SHE IS 12!!! I totally agree about you not wanting her to get a warped message about beauty – things are so complicated these days!! Keep strong friend!

  4. I think it does say something for your relationship that she mentioned it first, my own Mom did not get an opportunity to veto before I started taking various tools to my various hairs.
    YMMV, but there is a surprising amount of appearance pressure on kids a every age so while I couldn’t say whether I would let her actually get it or not (since I’m not in that position), I personally wouldn’t get too fussed at her about *wanting it in the first place* and would use the opportunity to start (or continue) a dialogue about healthy self image.
    The grandmother however would get an *awfully* big slice of my mind.

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