I learned a new word

I want her Bodimind!

Bodimind: (Quite obviously) one term for the body and the mind.  When the bodimind functions as one collaborative yoked system it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts.  It makes perfect sense and I love it.  I stumbled across it as I researched Dynamic Yoga,  an athletic form of vinyasa (flow) yoga that is a bit like Ashtanga.  I can feel my enthusiasm simmer to boil as I get affirmation after affirmation of the truth of Yoga and it’s ability to connect us prayerfully to a deeper healthier life and a body like hers:


Jax Lysycia Courtesy: Formentara Yoga
I was reading a guest writer’s post at Lesley Carter’s Bucket List publications on Bucket List Adventure experiences.  The article was about a Yoga retreat in Morocco lead by Jax Lyscycia, inhabitor of the sculpted artwork above.  She ascribes to a dynamic form of yoga flow with Pilates influences.  I was intrigued by this because amidst the mix of yoga classes I taught last week was a Cardio Dance class that I just love love love to teach.  Though Hurricane Chris wrapped about the Hand Clap as we gyrated, fist pumped, and writhed on the floor, we were in a dynamic flow with the bodimind sans incense and bells but it was just as valid as the quieter undertaking of the ever personal yoga practice.  I brought my yoga approach to hip hop and the result was fun and flair in a bodimind that rubbed up against fear (we took our full bodiweight (taking liberties with my  new word) into one hand on the floor during one move – but isn’t that like side plank which is better termed: vasisthasana in sanskrit?  If I could’ve thought of a sanskrit word for ‘drop it low’ or ‘zip it up’ I would’ve used it.  Instead we yoked our body and mind very dynamically as we left, sweaty and happy and ready for the day.  Smells like Bikram.  Not really.

And remember you have everything you need for a dynamic life, dynamic yoga, and an incredibly attuned bodimind right  in side you or perhaps in your back pocket.

My son as he leaves his 8th grade graduation. Awards in pocket.

What’s your new word?



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