I did it with ropes

As I leave my early 40’s (soon) and approach that mid-decade I am quite focused on staying healthy and feeling good.  Like getting my Yoga Teacher Certification and my breast reduction surgery (gasp!), my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  I have always tried to eat well and because of a the effects of a fat gene (another gasp! another post. another time.)  I have always had some form of exercise as part of my almost daily routine.  I have just never done any of these things on purpose with some plan in mind – a goal to achieve a high bar of overall wellness.  Well that longing for new experiences and a sense of adventure has kicked in like many mid-lifers (stop gasping!!).  I am not buying a Porsche or getting a tattoo but I am mixing up my fitness routine and trying new things.  Disclaimer:  I will always be forever faithful to my Yoga as my number one tool for living a good life and to running as my I’m-not-sure-what-but-I-can’t-live-without thing but I tried TRX suspension training yesterday.

Looks like this:

Smells like this:

Source: Yoga Paws
I am never far from my yoga mind so I see it everywhere.  During this TRX class, we did many other challenging exercises using the ropes in a class led by the awesome, every encouraging, I-want-her-body (in the most innocent way!) Allison, Wellness Director of our local YMCA.  There is a version of plank where our feet are suspended by the stirrup loops and we swing our legs side to side, first with straight limbs and then using the core we incorporate a bending knee action.  It’s really cool and since I am known as ‘plank-clair’ to my students sometimes, I especially liked that.    Later in the day I taught a Yoga class and felt very strong as the lactic acid was in production mode but not yet pooled in the most worked areas.  Today I am sore in the best way – in places that are safe and good to be sore.  I feel this addition to my routine will only make me better at my first loves:  Yoga and Running, in case you forgot.  I feel like I picked up a new friend along the way and added it to my fitness bag of tricks.

What a fun adventure for my exercise routine this TRX was!  I worked hard and did find myself wondering this:

That came later.  Do something new today.  What will it be?

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