Am I cheating on my Yoga?

Yoga is the love of my life.  I have been trying to break it off with my mistress, Running, but I can’t.  When I am with my Yoga, nothing else matters – I could be totally satisfied with just one lover.  Then I court that old boyfriend,  Running.   Today it was 10 miles of hearthumping rigor that tested my patience and mettle.  As always, when it’s over I am planning my next rendezvous with this addictive boyfriend though my Yoga isn’t too happy.  She’s classy though – graceful and always open to my sheepish return.  She doesn’t shake her finger at me but she knows my hips will be tight.  Boyfriends usually like that.

I told myself this next half marathon May 20th would be my 6th and last.  I would then renew my vows with Yoga and Ashtanga myself into ecstasy for the rest of my life.  I know a few gorgeous breathtakingly beautiful, centered and strong friends who only do their Yoga and that’s enough.  Perhaps I will be part of that harem.  I can be totally happy that way.  Then there’s this little itch I can’t seem to scratch.  After my 10 today I found myself feeling like I could handle anything.  The afterglow from that experience is a day of aftershocks that make me feel capable and on top of the world.  Do I really want to give that up?  I just don’t know.  This love triangle isn’t wrong it’s just a little confusing.  And so I will ponder, accept what is, not judge and enjoy my good health.  Sounds. Very. Yogic.

On thing is for certain – I will NEVER have the dilemna of choosing between quilting and Yoga.  I am just not that good.

I did make this last week for my youngest daughter’s First Holy Communion – it’s a pew marker.

One of my “friends” asked me if I was Jane’s age (8) when I made it.   Nice. Because I spent time over the weekend with my favorite people watching my daughter do a favorite thing, it didn’t matter which sport-love I’d choose for the next day.  It happened to be Running.  But for me, it is always, always, Yoga.  What’s your first sports love?

4 thoughts on “Am I cheating on my Yoga?

  1. Why does it have to be “just” yoga? Can’t you do and love both? Yoga can be your primary mate and running can be a side dish. I think they both speak to different sides of ourselves and meet different needs. If you’re feeling the itch, for god sakes, scratch it. Life is about variety and loving lots of different things.

    1. I can have a number of loves!! Thanks for the validation. I ran 7 on Saturday and it felt great!

  2. I feel the same way about mtn biking. I AM a mtn biker – I am NOT a runner – but I can’t make myself stop running. I did my 1st half marathon 2 weeks ago and have one planned for every month for the rest of the year. I’m hoping this old body can accommodate a steady diet of both this summer. We’ll see!

    1. I want to be a mountain biker! When I run I feel like a runner. Whether or not I am practicing Yoga, I feel like a yogi. Does that tell us something. Have a great day.

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