Time stood still

Saturday, April 21

8:00 a.m. – My son and I arrived at his baseball tournament.

8:15 – I left for a 8.5 mile run.

10:00 – I settled in to watch Nick play.

10:40 – Runner crashes into my son at the bag on first base.  Nick catches the ball but it rolls out of his glove because.  HE IS OUT.  Not the runner.  My child.  He lays motionless on the field.  Out cold.

10:40 – I levitated from my seat and flung myself against the chain-link fence to see my boy.  He was not moving.  Neither was time .  My eyes were saucers.  I had no heartbeat and no breath that I was aware of.  Just vulnerability of the highest order willing my boy to move.  A few seconds later I see a thumbs up from the coach that Nick is responsive.

10:46 – Nick stands up and though unsteady on his feet and not comprehending much he catches the last out of the inning.

10:51 – Nick got up to bat.  He hit the ball and grounded out to first as he weaves his way down the straight baseline.

10:55 – Coach Greg told me he should go get checked out.  We left.

11:30 – Nick and I were at the urgent care facility and the physician wants to send us to the nearest hospital in an ambulance because my boy’s pupils are lazy and he’s weaving and bobbing like he’s “The Greatest”.   I signed a release that I opted to drive AMA.  (Against Medical Advice).

12:00 noon We register at the ER and the nice nurse named Hannah took Nick’s vitals.  He threw up on her.

12:30 to 3:00 we wait for a CT Scan of the head and neck.

3:10 my hoss of a son (5’8″ 166 pounds – aged 13) lies on a conveyor belt that wrenches him into the hole of a $2 million doughnut.  Travis, the doughnut tech asked me if there’s any chance I could be pregnant.  I told him:  “I wish.”  (that ‘s another post).  So he let me stay in to watch.  I put on the 12 pound apron to cover my girl parts and watch in awe at this machine taking photos of my son’s head and neck.

3: 25.  Results came back as NORMAL.  I exhaled for the first time since 10:40.  Time started moving again.

The only Yogic thing about this post is that I was completely present, in the moment, for 305 minutes straight.  No memories.  No future just love.  Love of my son.

Then I did some Yin Yoga.

What did you do this weekend?  I did the Ashtanga Primary Series  each day, making it 9 in a row now.  I am on a roll.

8 thoughts on “Time stood still

  1. Oh my, I don’t think I took a full breath until I read at the end that he was ok. So scary. It’s true about how events like these really put you right in the moment, nothing else in the world matters. I need to talk to you about your ashtanga classes. Are you going somewhere or doing them at home?

  2. Nathan told me about Nick today at school. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I read this. Poor guy!!! I look forward to seeing him at school tomorrow.

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