Lead with your lips

When I was little, my brothers used to make fun of me because they said I had big lips.  Of course, I took great offense since they found it so amusing.  I don’t think they are remarkable at all.   I would love me some Julia Roberts lips or maybe Angelina Jolie mouth frames but I’ll take what I have.  Though I am NEVER caught without lipstick, this is a body part I haven’t thought much about as an instrument of my peace and my Yoga until recently.  Beth, bestie  from CO returned a compliment from a stranger by commenting on her lips and was met with a confused stare.  This cracked us up as the lass when from all Z-formation like to WTF.  But it made me think about how cool it would be if we would lead our lives, our goals, and our Yoga with our lips.

Because the universal gesture of love and affection (all kinds) is a kiss (of varying kinds) doesn’t it make sense that if we lead with the heart we can actually lead with our lips in what we say?  Carefully placed and deliberately used.  So I became inspired by another amazing friend (I’m lucky that way), who recently completed Yoga Teacher Training.  Laura ‘practice taught’ me am amazing class one-on-one from behind my mat.   It requires attentive, well thought out use of the lips since they are the gateway for speaking the instruction. I got lost in the practice and experienced a true ‘in the zone’, ‘in the moment’ yoga practice all because of Laura’s lips.  I have begun experimenting with this technique of teaching from behind.  In this way, I am required to rely on my words as much as or more than my demonstration to lead the class.  It’s a fascinating experience.

It reminds me to use my words wisely and well in all areas of my life.  A Communication and English major, I have always been fascinated by the power and panache of language.  With well placed words spoken from the heart, the world becomes a better place because the experience in it is closer to the Truth.

I suppose I can reflect on my brother’s teasing as a compliment.  My big lips mean a big heart.  And I plan to live well leading with both!  Do you like your lips?

I bet Beth could find something wonderful about them.  She’s good like that.

5 thoughts on “Lead with your lips

  1. Your lips look great – some women pay big money for lips like yours. I have big lips too – my Dad used to make me cry by calling me “fish lips”…but I think I’ve grown into them. 🙂

  2. First you are beautiful and I love your lips. Did you get a new do? Thank you for sharing this post about my teaching. I never really thought about teaching from the back in the same way as you because this is how I learned. I taught my first class yesterday! I am on the schedule for next week, Tuesday at 8 AM and Thursday at 4 PM : )

  3. I thought about this post last night as I attended my very first ever yoga class. I assumed it would be more like an aerobics class where the instructor led by doing. My instructor did some of the poses, sure, but much of her instruction was verbal. If I had known this going in, I think I would have been too intimidated to try. Surely that is only for experienced practitioners! I only know what a scant handful of poses are called, how could I possibly listen to someone and perform a sequence? But she did it and I did it. And I thought of your words while listening to hers.

    1. I am so glad you tried YOGA. Though I love it and I realize all things are not for all people – it can help every BODY. Stay with it and thanks for the comment. Best,Clair

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