Little Gurus and Truth or Dare

Little Guru’s:  Learning to follow. 

When we approach children with the awareness they can teach us, we automatically become more present ourselves.

from Daily Om

Had I followed my little 8-year old guru this morning.  I would’ve been naked doing snow angels and become quite intimately present with the elements. On Mar. 5, my Virginia children finally got their snow day.  I decided to get my 5 miles in on the elliptical.  (Very. Hard.For. Me.)  My son and his little sister apparently were playing truth or dare while I was NOT ENJOYING MY WORKOUT.  I heard muffled screams through Flo Rida and Beyonce and my blood began to boil.  Why can’t they just be quiet for 45 stinking minutes why I do this mind-numbing workout?  The patter of human feet competed with the bass in my Ipod – I refused to leave my zone until I noted there were no clothes on the little body attached to those sweet feet.

Jane:  Nicholas dared me to go out side and make snow angels naked.

Me:  That doesn’t make me very excited.

Jane:  I just made $5!  Now I am closer to my ipod touch. 

Satisfied, she left the sweat flying about the machine-from-hell and proceeded to clothe herself.  My sweet youngest guru.  What I learned:  

1.Ttake a dare that won’t kill you, get you landed in jail or make you miss heaven by a mile if it advances a goal.  It’s invigorating and can help move your intentions to reality.  (Very. Yogic.) 

2.  Don’t be inhibited about the beautiful body you have.  Not the one you want or the one you used to have but the one you have right now.  (Very. Yogic.)  Make your proclamation to a trusted support source that you have done something you are quite proud of. 

3.  Luxuriate in the moment.  (There. Is. Nothing. More Yogic.) 

This same little guru asked me this recently:  Were you my mother in the forever before this one?  Dang, I hope so.

Home practice update:  I am working on my own on Bakasana.  I am elevating both feet for 5 to ten breaths. (Source:  Elephant Journal)

   Here’s where I would like to journey (that beach, in that pose) Eka Pada Parsva Bakasana: 


When I get there, I will find this:

And give it to my guru. 

 Have you ever done a snow angel naked or answered a dare you were proud of? 

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