The Cheryl Lynn and Mary J Blige of Yoga

I was a slinking, crooning R & B artist in another life.  I can feel it radiating outward from BEHIND MY BELLY BUTTON when I hear the likes of these goddesses commanding us to be real:

What you find-ah
What you feel now
What you know-a
To be real

No one said it better, Chery Lynn.  Being real, authentic, in the moment, accepting ‘what is’.  Ain’t nothin’ more yogic. 

My girl, Mary J. Blige agrees:

(Yoga), I always wanted you to be my baby
When you touch me boy you drive me crazy
 I don’t wanna be your secret lover
 When I get you boy there’ll be no other
It’s got to be real.
And so I work to develop a real at-home Yoga practice.  I love to practice in a group and there’s nothing more sweet than the support and fellowship of a class.  I am so in my zone when I teach yoga, lit up, giving it up and electric with gratitude to be alive.  But for me to be an even more real yogi, I want to establish an at-home practice I enjoy and can grow with.  Because I am an extrovert who gets her energy from others, it’s hard for me to conjure up the motivation to practice all by my lonesome.  It was and is a huge feat for me to run distance – because it’s me and just me – and that’s why I keep doing it.  The challenge. 
I would love any advice from folks who practice at home.  A tidbit of encouragement/advice/motivation to roll out my mat on my own hardwoods.  Anyone?  I want to awaken that snake coiled behind my navel in any setting.  It’s just got to be real.
Lord, help  me practice yoga at home:
ImageAnd shine my sitz bones straight to the floor in halasana:
Amen.  Nameste.  Out.  Off to teach.
Please send advice for at home practice.

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