I am a horrible mother

This post will have very little to do with Yoga even though I am still very much in love and plan on spending the rest of my life with it.

My youngest daughter convinced me she needed to stay home from school because of a (not so) bad case of poison ivy which she picked up on a glorious hike in Lexington, Virginia.  Could be here my slide down the good mother measuring stick started:

I am off noticing how the beautiful shapes in nature bore the poses we know and love (Tree, Sun Salute, etc.) while my daughter is mesmerized by the creek and gestates a rash.   So for 10 days she scratches and spreads said rash while I assume – like everything else unpleasant – it will go away or take care of itself.  Not.  This morning I made an appointment with the pediatrician for 9:30, already knowing I would not make Jane go to school at all since I DIDN’T WANT TO GO TO WORK.  At least I admit it.  My Cheshire cat of a daughter grinned the whole morning.  We were free!  So after the doctor’s visit, we went to Starbucks where I spent $11.00 for a snack.

This:   and this:  .  Yum!

Then, my bff called because she had time on her hands – guess, what – me too!  So Jane and I met her at the mall.  Then we had to get down to business.  So we went to Kroger, where I  made my daughter take a photo of me shopping for you.

Don’t be jealous of my outfit or my curtsy.

Here’s what every child home sick from school should do:

Celebrate with Milk Duds! Which I gave up for Lent so it was all her.  We returned home unloaded the loot and Jane began to sing karaoke with her new ipad app.  She’s darn good at Bobby McGee and The Rose.  Don’t get me started on Carrie Underwood.  I left her alone in the house (wretched mother!)  while I went on a run.  We all survived the separation.  But my legs are not what they used to be, I was tired.

I felt so bad for my transgressions from good- example-setting – (you only miss school for a compound fracture of the femur or 160 degree fever)  I contemplated adopting a child, which my daughter wholeheartedly supports.  Then I realized no social worker in their right mind would award the likes of me child on purpose.  So decided to research charity yoga mission trips.  No it doesn’t exist, but it might soon.  Marrymeyoga is motivated to atone for her day!  See it’s true… no yoga, no peace!  And Know Yoga, Know peace.  So tomorrow I will practice and I will teach.

Bliss!  It’s exhausting being a horrible mother.

What awful thing have you done today?

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