What’s your rapper name?

My middle daughter and I had a conversation about Pit Bull – the entertainer.  We decided his real name was probably something like Melvin Jones and one day he woke up and said “That’s it.  I am tired of my life.  I am now Pitbull (one word).”  Actually his real name is Armando Christian Pérez, which I kinda like.

That’s right, I am an international lover.

Do they get rich and successful and then become some other name?  So I told Kathleen,  “You know my name is Clair Norman but every body calls me ‘Magic Spell”  sometimes, they call me Misty Rain but mostly its Magic Spell.”  This girl totally got it.  She’s been calling me ‘Magic’ instead of Mom and I like it.  I decided this was now my rapper name.  I insist you use this name from now on. 

With my new magical persona, this is how I check my baseboard for dust.


Here’s how I see if I need to shave my legs.

Here’s  how I summon my dog:

My lips are not moving.

It worked.  It’s the Yoga that’s Magic.

One thing I wish I could do is magically make my Mom appear. She’s been gone more than 15 years and I miss her so much.  She really was magic.  She could lift you up without lifting a finger.  Her persona and spirit could light up a room.  She said so much with her eyes and her smile and her open arms.   She had a gift that could make you feel complete and whole and perfect just as you are.  These are things that Yoga can do for you too.  She is alive in the magic of  my Yoga practice.  Her real name was:

Kathleen Nott Handy

Go ahead, you can laugh.  Not a rapper name.  Though it could be. 

I think her rapper name was:

Magic Spell.  I was named after her.

What’s your rapper name?

2 thoughts on “What’s your rapper name?

  1. Hehehe I love the dog picture!
    and “here’s how I summon my dog” – made me giggle 🙂

    Great blog!


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