I took. I taught. Probably didn’t crosstrain.

Today is a ‘cross-training‘ day.  My husband and I are preparing for the Marine Corps half marathon in Fredericksburg, VA 0n May 20.  It’s my 6th, half  and his second.  His first-ever half time is 1:49.  My best ever is 2:06.  Who’s counting?  What I am counting is the pounds running takes off of me.  When I was in full marathon training mode I was 17 pounds lighter than I am now.  I am begging running to take me back there or at least close.  With a life-long body image problem (that my boyfriend, Yoga, is helping me with) and a nasty 10 that hangs around my business, running has become my go-to buddy in times of puffiness.

So, today I ‘cross-trained’.  I took a Yoga class at 8:15 this morning.  We worked on shoulder openers which I find amazingly helpful with taking the bind  (TWSS).   Please ignore the puff in the midriff area.

Then I taught a class to my corporate sharks at Carmax headquarters during their lunchtime.  I decided not to reinvent the wheel and taught a shoulder-opening sequence.  I said clever things like:

“Chase your shoulder with your chin.”  And.  “Stretch your eyes as if you were peering into your inner ear.” Yes, they looked confused.  I wonder how Indira Gandi was received with this little ditty:

“You need to find stillnes amidst much activity.  And in repose know you are vibrantly alive.”

And so I tried to be still and alive in this balancing pose:

 Jane thought it was way too easy.  So she tried it:

 And laughed the whole time.  Now, that’s my kind of girl.

So I had a ball with my daughter and my Yoga but I probably didn’t crosstrain.  Now I know why I can’t get rid of that 10.  At least my shoulders are dang open.

And I can see my inner ear.  Can you?

One thought on “I took. I taught. Probably didn’t crosstrain.

  1. If it helps any, I would definitely consider yoga to be cross-training. And getting the shoulders open will help with the running. So in my book, you had a very productive day! 🙂

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