The Proposal

What a better day, than Valentine’s Day to announce my official engagement?  With my new blog, marrymeyoga, I am sharing my betrothed.  Go ahead, take a turn.  I like watching you and my new husband fall in love.  There’s enough to go around and I’m not even jealous.  It’s so cool.  It’s not easy.  In the end it’s oh so sweet and amazing and you’ll never be sorry you did it.


You may already have milked this cow and are currently also in love with yoga.  Good stuff.  To sustain a good thing, we need to notice the good with the difficult.  Find laughter and depth and precious awakenings.  In faith you’ll know you’ve made the right decision to be on the journey.  Won’t you join me?  Please follow marrymeyoga – we’ll have such fun together.  


Have you ever been asked what your lifelong dream of the month was?  I have.  Talk to my husband whose nickname should be Job (patience).  He’s watched me try to be a social worker, a novelist, a stay-at-home mom, a business owner, a PR shark, a therapist, a writer and countless other Big Ideas.  I have become a piece of each of these and also a marathoner and yogi.  I tend to jump right off the ledge into new things that feel good at the time but I forget to pack the contingencies for the days the motivation wanes and I end up swimming in circles.  Don’t do it.  Ever since I decided to marry yoga – I have experienced a sense of magic in the presence in the ‘what is’.  We are all that we desire to be right now – we just need to see it.  Then things really get interesting.  We see new possibility, experience blooming openness, and cultivate a copious capacity for compassion.   And darn it, doesn’t our downward facing dog get easier?  Ask him.  He’s happy. 

That’s my wish for us all.  Happy love day.   I leave you with my favorite scene from The Proposal.


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